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Chickens/ poultry for sale

Hybrids are a combination of pure breed chickens, bred together for a specific purpose - whether that be for disease resistance, egg laying qualities, egg colour or all round good looks! 

They are ideal for a few hens in the garden and/or for free range conditions, certain breeds are also well known for their excellent egg laying qualities. They tend to be disease resistant, and most are very friendly and make super once they have settled into their new home.

All our hybrid pullets are available from 16 weeks old and are fully vaccinated – no more vaccinations are required.




ISA Brown / Warren / Lohmann / Gingernut   a great ‘people/child friendly’ bird

£15.00 each



A lovely docile ginger/brown bird, excellent layer – bred for maximum egg production and a calm temperament.  Ideally suited for both free range conditions, and for small gardens.  Lays approximately 325 medium/large brown. 



A very ‘people/child’ friendly docile bird, ideal for the first time chicken keeper, and seasoned chicken keeper alike.  Excellent egg layer.  Colouration varies from a deep burgundy red to a light ginger with cream coloured markings.  Great for the both small and large areas.



As you can see from my pictures, my girls vary in shade from the more burgundy hen right through to the much lighter ginger/blonde shade.  Each batch we produce is slightly different shades/marking, that is what makes them most special.



Next available for collection by appointment only  mid Novemberreserve yours today by e-mail to avoid disappointment.  Collection can only be made by appointment/invitation.





Don’t forget we sell all the items you need, including housing, feeders, drinkers, poultry accessories, feed etc






Collection of your new chickens

Just make an appointment to come and visit us, and choose which birds you’d like to take home.  You can mix the breeds to create a flock of your own choice, or you can have all the same breed.  The choice, as always, is yours.  Advice can be given on which breeds would be most suitable for your family/set up.


Taking your birds home

A cat carrier or cardboard box is an ideal means of transportation.  Just ensure there are ventilation holes in the box, and preferably a little bit of straw for your new girls to snuggle down into on their journey.  The box can be about the size of a crisp box, but must be at least 18 inches tall.



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